Tune in Tuesday [3] - June 5

Tune in Tuesday is hosted by GReads.  This week, I've chosen a song that has been on repeat during my drive to and from work for the last few days.  While I've always loved Florence + the Machine, the haunting aspect of this song became even more apparent after it was featured during the Revenge season finale.  Listening to it now just gives me goosebumps, from head to toe.


  1. I love this song :) And Florence!

  2. This song is sooooo good. I've never watched that show, though I'm sure this fit perfect!

    Thanks very much for sharing!

  3. I love Florence so much, and this song is literally giving me goosebumps as I listen to it!

  4. Thanks to all three of you! Florence's new CD has been on repeat on my iPod for the last few months -- I just can't get enough!


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