How to Rock Braces & Glasses - Meg Haston

So many of the books that I read have been recommended to me by friends, or other bloggers, or I've seen reviews of the books on other blogs, or on Goodreads.  But this one I saw on the library's recently ordered page, and I loved the title, so I put it on hold immediately.

It's definitely a younger YA title, since the characters are in Grade 7.  Kacey Simon is the most popular girl in her middle school, until an eye infection results in her getting glasses and a chipped molar results in her dentist deciding that she should get braces.  Suddenly, all of her friends ditch her and she ends up hanging out with some kids that she previously would have scoffed at.  Along the way, she learns that she wasn't a very nice person and her "honesty" towards other people was actually pretty mean.

As a former braces-wearing, glasses-sporting teen, I enjoyed most of the aspects of this book.  It was a cute, fun read with a good story, and excellent morals.  Kacey is spunky and loveable, and there's a really cute love story that accompanies the main plot.  For a quick, feel-good read, I'd recommend this one for sure!


  1. *stares at pretty blog*
    Oh! Uhh...the review. That's right. I got a bit distracted there for a minute :p

    Great review! This one sounds so cute, I love stories with that kind of moral! If you liked this one, you should check out Don't You Wish by Roxanne St. Claire :)


    1. Awww -- thanks! Honestly, I do the same thing ... stare at my blog instead of writing posts/reviews =)

      Thanks for the comment and I'll definitely check out your recommendation as well *adds one more book to exploding TBR list*


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