Variant - Robison Wells

There is seriously nothing more disappointing than being totally excited for a book that is going to blow your mind, only to have it kind of fizzle out.  I saw this book on an IMM post at Rather Be Reading.  Although I can't quite remember the exact description, the book was recommended to Magan by another blogger who said that this was the best book she'd read in a while.

Variant wasn't a BAD book, but it just wasn't as mindblowingly excellent as I had hoped it would be.  The plot was interesting, but I think that the writing style was what turned me off the book.  I found myself getting irritated with the main character and it made it hard to be rooting for him.  Many of my favourite books have female lead characters, as I usually find it easier to identify with a female character, but there are some lead male characters that I have enjoyed.  Benson, the protagonist in this story, was just too hot-headed for me and at times I just wanted him to shut up, rather than trying to run everyone's lives and tell everyone what to do.  There were several spots in the story where the description annoyed me and the pace of the story felt forced, rather than natural and flowing.

With that being said, the premise of the story is definitely an interesting one.  Benson arrives at a boarding school after securing a scholarship and he's eager to escape his previous experience of bouncing from foster home to foster home.  After he arrives at Maxfield Academy, the lone adult drops him off at the front of the building and speeds away.  He quickly discovers that there's only students at the school, but the school is controlled by some outside force that keeps the students in line through a system of punishments and rewards.

There's a sequel coming out in October, but I think I'm going to give it a pass. 


  1. OH NO, MELISSA! I still haven't read it. I'm so sad you didn't like it. I feel terrible. :( I feel extremely conflicted now about WHEN I should read it. Clearly I own it and should give it a try, but I am concerned that you didn't like the MC and pacing - those are two big things that matter a LOT to me. DANG IT!

    1. I struggled SO MUCH with writing this review too, mainly because of the fact that I wanted to like the book so much! The premise is still interesting, so I would recommend that you still give it a shot. Who knows, the writing style might appeal to you more than it did to me! And don't feel bad!!! That's one of the greatest things about reading -- sharing books that we loved (and didn't love) with others. I'll still read books based on your reviews!


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