Chopsticks - Jessica Anthony & Rodrigo Corral

As I posted earlier this week, I took a bus trip this weekend to visit a friend for her 30th birthday weekend.  Part of the stress of packing for a trip is trying to decide on which books to pack.  Then, compound that with the fact that half of my hold list at the library arrived all at once, and I had way too many pretty books to choose from =(  What a tough life I have, hey?

So, I narrowed it down to three books and actually polished this one off during my public transit ride TO the bus station / waiting until it was time for the bus to leave, since I arrived WAY too early.  Yup, this one's a quick read, but I really enjoyed it.

It's a love story told in photographs, with just a smattering of text (postcards, IM chat messages and just a tiny bit of dialogue).  But the photos are quite striking and the story was easy to follow, even with the absence of text.  Chopsticks is definitely a unique book, since I haven't ever seen anything remotely similar.  The story is sweet, kind of a Romeo and Juliet type love story.  At the very beginning of a the book, Glory, who is a world famous pianist, disappears from a rehab clinic, where she seems to be going slightly crazy, playing nothing but "Chopsticks" for hours on end.  Then the story flashes back 18 months, and we see the love story between Glory and Frank develop.

The tale that's woven through the photos is really teenage love in its essence.  It's pure, raw and defies adults telling them that they're "too young" for such feelings.  The emotions evoked in this book really brought back memories and I really enjoyed reading it.  It's a quick, easy read and well worth the time spent reading it.


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