Fracture - Megan Miranda

I included this book in my IMM post last weekend, and stated that I wasn't sure whether I would like this book or not.  I can safely say that I didn't like the book ... I LOVED it.

As I mentioned in my IMM post, sometimes it's better not to have any expectations when reading a book.  Sometimes I think that I read too many reviews prior to even putting a book on hold at the library, so by the time I start reading the book, it's almost like I've made up my mind what I'll think of it.

I loved both of Lisa Genova's books (Still Alice and Left Neglected), and this book felt like what her writing would be, if she wrote YA.  Megan Miranda has a background in science (and worked as a high school teacher -- yah teachers!).  This really comes across in the writing, as Ms. Miranda knows her stuff about brain injuries and comas. 

Eleven minutes might as well be eternity underwater.  It only takes three minutes without air for loss of consciousness.  Permanent brain damage begins at four minutes.  And then, when the oxygen runs out, full cardiac arrest occurs.  Death is possible at five minutes.  Probable at seven.  Definite at ten.

Dexter pulled me out at eleven.

And so begins Fracture, the story of Delaney Maxwell, a girl that not only lived after being trapped underwater after she fell through the ice, but also gained the ability to sense people who are dying.  She yearns to help them, ease their suffering or save them.  Her life has taken a different path, alienating her from her friends, until she finds solace in Troy, a boy who also emerged from a coma with the same "gift."

I won't give away any more of the story, but it's beautiful.  It's heartwarming and tragic, elegantly written and paced perfectly.  I read 3/4 of the book in one evening and couldn't wait to devoure the last quarter the next day.  Plus, as an added bonus, the author PERFECTLY wove in my absolute favourite musical of ALL TIME, Les Miserables.  And, as a teaser, how could you not love a book with these song lyrics woven into the story?

Take my hand and lead me to salvation
Take my love for love is everlasting
And remember, the truth that once was spoken
To love another person is to see the face of God.

 Goosebumps.  Seriously.


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