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During all of the drama last week, I spent a considerable amount of time reading through some of my favourite bloggers' posts on plagiarism and their thoughts on this whole incident.  It blew up into such a massive scandal quite quickly and I was saddened to see so many nasty comments flying around.  Yes, plagiarism is wrong, but so is bullying.  And, as one of my favourite bloggers so eloquently pointed out, there is no judge who can lay down a sentence in a case like this.  (Seriously, her post is amazing... click here to read it).  What is has come down to is individual bloggers choosing whether or not to participate in the IMM meme, or support her blog.

After considerable thought, I have decided to not participate in IMM (although I haven't been doing it for that long anyways).  Posting about what arrived "in my mailbox" in the first place didn't always seem to make sense, since most of my IMM posts were about what I picked up at the library.  I liked LC's Adventures in Libraryland's idea of a "book haul," which can have any origin.  So, with no further ado, here are the books that I've picked up from the library this week!

I flipped through Chopsticks at Chapters and thought that it looked like a really unique book, with pictures rather than text.  The Way We Fall sounds interesting, although I'm a little worried about the plot line of a deadly virus, since I love the Chemical Garden Trilogy so much.  And Everneath has SUCH a beautiful cover and I have no idea what it's about (I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised!)

Plus, I have to get started on my book club pick next weekend, during my 8 hour bus trip to visit a friend.  I might have to put my library books on hold for a bit so that I can get that one out of the way!


  1. Great haul! Those are all books I want to read! I also got Everneath this week and I am also no longer participating in IMM. It's funny that you pointed out "in my mailbox" not making sense. I happened to mention IMM to my mom today, and she said "What does 'In My Mailbox' mean anyway? Who gets books in their mailbox?" I laughed because I used to say the same thing and I still pretty much do. It seems more fitting for just Kristi, because I don't know anyone else that receives actual boxes of books in the mail from publishers. More recently, I've started ordering books from signings around the country and I am now actually receiving books in the mail, but even still they aren't technically 'in my mailbox' more like 'on my doorstep'. I don't know anyone that has mailboxes large enough for a box of books :) Anyway, reading Lea's post was when I first found out about this whole thing, and so I am now just doing a 'book haul' post, too. Enjoy your reads!
    My Haul

  2. Chopsticks looks good:) Love the cover, it is on my wish list:)


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