April Re-Cap

It's hard to believe that April is almost over!  I swear, the older I get, the faster it seems that time goes by.  And what a busy month it's been!  I went to the Island to visit my family for the Easter weekend, saw Cats with hubby, celebrated our kitty's first birthday and hubby and I will be seeing Snow Patrol tomorrow evening!

First of all, I participated in Random Acts of Kindness, hosted by Book Soulmates, for the first time.  I started the month off by telling Sarah @ Workaday Reads that I would send her my gently used copy of Jim Butcher's Storm Front, then promptly got super busy and work and didn't make it home before the post office closed for two whole weeks!  I sent it off to her yesterday (so, technically, it's still an April RAK, right?!)  I'm looking forward to participating next month too!

It was a busy month for reading too -- upon reviewing my recent posts, I can't BELIEVE that I read this many books during the last month!  Here they are...

Pure - Julianna Baggot
Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have -


  1. It seems like every day, every month, every darn year passes faster as I age.

    I know what you mean about being busy, I've been so preoccupied my poor blog isn't getting must attention! You've gotten a lot done this month! Looking at your list of reviews makes me want to cry.

  2. Aww... you're so sweet Eli! I hadn't realized quite how many books I'd read until I put them all in a list! Most of them were pretty short though, if that makes you feel better =P I have to read a long book for my book club next month, so my list might be a little shorter in May =)


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