Top Ten Books on my Spring TBR List

I must admit that I only read 6 of the 10 books that were on my winter TBR list (whoooooops!), and I can't believe it's spring already!  Seriously, does anyone else know where the first quarter of 2012 has disappeared to?  I swear it was New Year's just yesterday.  But it IS spring and here's hoping that the weather is ready to warm up a little.  It rains pretty much year round here on the We(s)t Coast, but the rain is easier to bear when the temps are in the double digits. 

I'm rambling again, so let's just get going with this week's Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the folks at The Broke and the Bookish.  Here are my top ten books for spring ... hopefully I'll read them all this time!

1. Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare
I got this book for Christmas, but still haven't read it!  Considering how much I love Clare's books, I'm surprised that it's sat on my shelf for this long ... must put a stop to this immediately!

2. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin
I had this book in my IMM a few weeks ago, but still haven't read it yet.  I've heard nothing but great things about it and can't wait to dive in!

3. Fever - Lauren DeStefano
My wonderful husband gave this to me for my birthday.  I loved Wither so very, very much and I can't wait to read the next book in the series.  DeStefano is such a beautiful writer.

4. Pandemonium - Lauren Oliver
I'm already reading this one -- Lauren Oliver is a literary goddess.

5. Shine - Lauren Myracle
Another book from a past IMM -- I peeked at a review by one of my favourite book bloggers (bookshelves of doom).  If she loved it, it's almost guaranteed that I'll love it too.

6. Across the Universe - Beth Ravis
People are posting rave reviews of book 2 and I haven't read book one yet!  Another book from a past IMM.

And the last books on my list are books are from a stack of books that my friend Evie gave me ... I want to have a giveaway at some point to share the book love that she gave to me!

7. Imaginary Girls - Nova Ren Suma
Evie told me that this one was dark.  I loooooove dark books.

8. Switched - Amanda Hocking
This book has been popping up on IMMs all week -- must read soon!

9. Fury - Elizabeth Miles
The author is a friend of Lauren Oliver's.  If she writes anything like Oliver does, I will be head over heels for this book.

10. Wolfsbane - Andrea Cremer
Just finished Nightshade and looking forward to seeing if the second book is better than the first one.


  1. I really liked Imaginary Girls & Mara Dyer so I hope you get to read them soon. I want to read Shine & Pandemonium soon!


  2. Crazy how time flies. Great list, I've been dying to read almost all of these as well (since I've been dying to read them all and just haven't got to them.) :)

    My TT/Top Ten Tuesday post is here

    Happy Reading!

    ~Danica Page
    Taking It One Page at a Time

  3. Excellent picks! I have all of them on my big TBR list hopefully I'll get to them this year.
    Here's my Top Ten Tuesday

    -Kimberly @ Turning The Pages

  4. I need to read Across the Universe too! I have two copies, for crying out loud. I really need to read this one. Same with Fever! I forgot to add that, but I SO want to read it. Pandemonium made my list as well, and I can't WAIT! Have fun reading!

    - Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl (And The Broke and the Bookish). Visit my Top Ten Tuesday!

  5. Hi there, just popping in... Oh some great books here for me to add to my TBR pile, thanks.
    I’m also your newest follower!

    :) Here is my choice...
    Top Ten Tuesday

  6. I need to read Across the Universe as well! And Fever. I ended up loving Wither more than I thought I would, so hopefully the sequel can surprise me too! I also need to get onto Mara Dyer, just as soon as it comes out in the UK!

    Here is my choice!
    Tara @ Hey, Tara

  7. P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the follow. I decided to return the favor.

    ~Danica Page
    Taking It One Page at a Time

  8. I'm hoping to get to ACROSS THE UNIVERSE soon, though I don't think it'll be the Spring (is it really March 20th? Already?!). I also have BEFORE I FALL on my TBR list, though again not on my Spring top ten. There are just so many good books to read! What a great problem to have. :)

  9. Ah!! Yes, Clockwork Prince and Mara Dyer should totally be on my list too! And Shine! Plus Wither.. so Wither.. and then Fever! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my Top 10 :)

    Michele | Top 10

  10. I just got Pandemonium and can't wait to read it! This is a great list almost all of these books are on my long term TBR list!

    My Top Ten

  11. It looks like you have a fun Spring ahead. A lot of these are on my maybe list, I'll have to check back for reviews.

  12. I always look at everyone's list and go "Don't remind me that I haven't read that!"
    Although it's nice when I see a list like this which has some of my picks and a few I've already read.

    Switched is a great book. I read the entire Trylle series when they were still self-published. You really need to read it!
    I also read Across the Universe when it came out. I'm not a huge fan but I know people rave about the second book, I'll get around to reading it sometime.

    Nice blog you have here. :)

    Eli @ ElianiWrites


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