Pandemonium - Lauren Oliver

The only thing that could possibly be worse than reading a book that you don't like, and trying to figure out how to nicely phrase why you didn't like it, would be reading a book that you loved and trying to find the words to explain where that love comes from.  This is the case with Lauren Oliver's Pandemonium, the sequel to the wildly successful Delirium.

There's just something about Lauren Oliver's writing.  It gets under my skin and affects me in a way that very few other writers can.  Of course, she's also a master storyteller and creates incredible characters, but it's her style of writing is just spectacular.  Pandemonium, of course, is on the same caliber as her other books and blew my mind in precisely the same manner.  The world that she creates is heartbreakingly beautiful and I found myself pausing between breaths in the book to wipe the tears away, gather my thoughts and dive back into a world where heartache and pain is as much a part of everyday life as breathing is.

I don't want to say too much more in case I spoil some of the magic.  I'm also not sure that I can say much more, since I still feel like I'm partly under Pandemonium's spell.  So let me leave you with just this: if you haven't already experienced the world that Lauren Oliver has created, I urge you to take a ride on the magic carpet of Oliver's writing.  She'll take you someplace that you've never been before and, when you're done, you'll be aching for more, just one more chapter.  Thankfully, there's still one more book left in this series (tentative publication date set for February 2013) and I absolutely cannot WAIT to find out what's in store between the covers of Requiem.


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