I've Got Your Number - Sophie Kinsella

I had a whole weekend with not much to do and there's nothing more perfect than a Sophie Kinsella novel to while away a weekend!  This one was much better than her last book (Twenties Girl -- which was allll right, in my opinion).  Kinsella is best for getting her heroine into a situation where she's so deeply embroiled in her own lies and half-truths that I always have a twisted knot in my stomach, just wondering how she's going to survive this ordeal.  Yet, at the same time, each situation is so beyond normal and packed with comedic relief that I alternate between cringing and laughing out loud.

The only thing that irked me about this book is its use of footnotes.  Yes, footnotes in a CHICK LIT book.  The narrator is trying to prove a point about her highly educated soon-to-be in-laws and their academic texts.  It was cute at first, but quickly became a little annoying.  It is possible to read through the story without reading the footnotes but I would find that I reached the bottom of the page, only to notice that there was a footnote and I'd missed the small number along the way.  So, I'd pause reading and skim back up the text, looking for the tiny number 56.  I'd reread the sentence that preceded the footnote, read the footnote itself, and then continue reading the next page.  See what I mean?  Disrupting.

On the whole though, an enjoyable read -- I do enjoy an author that can dependably provide an enjoyable mind break.  Especially after my washing machine went up in smoke -- rather than thinking about my impending repair / replacement bill, I could just escape into Poppy's world and forget my own woes.


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