Storm Front - Jim Butcher

There wasn't anything terrible about this book, but nothing that really blew my mind either.  The book was chosen as a selection for an upcoming book club meeting and, after finishing it, I'm honestly not sure what we're going to talk about!  The writing was so-so, the plot was interesting enough that I read the entire book in just a couple of days, but there wasn't really anything gritty and discussion-worthy going on.  Interestingly enough, this title was included on a list of books that I picked up from Chapters years ago, entitled "What to Read After Harry Potter."  While the wizarding aspect is related to Harry Potter's world, there's nothing else that even compares to the wonder of Hogwarts.  The main character is likable, although some of his actions annoyed me, and the plot was super predictable.

But enough of this negativity... on to a better book next!  It can only get better from here!!


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