Never Have I Ever - Sara Shepard

I think that I am officially done with Sara Shepard.  I was on the fence about continuing to read the Pretty Little Liars series after some cringe-worthy plot twists, but I did enjoy The Lying Game so I thought I'd give this one a shot.

In the book's defense, part of the reason why I didn't enjoy this book was the narrator that they chose for the audio version.  Everything?  She said?  Sounded?  Like a question?  And when you say "The light shone in my eyes," shone is not supposed to sound like "shown."  That bugged me.

The plot didn't wow me as much as the first one and, in all honesty, not a lot happened in this book.  There wasn't much development towards finding out who killed Sutton and it seems like Shepard is dragging the plot out so that she can stretch this series as much as the PLL series dragged on.  I figured out the major plot twists eons before the big AHA! moment (so far in advance, actually, that I was half-tempted to skip ahead to the end to see if it ended the way I thought it would, rather than listening to the build-up).

Sorry Ms. Shepard, but I don't think I'll be coming back to your books anytime soon.


  1. Everything sounding like a question is something I've noticed about young girls nowadays. I think that's just how girls are starting to talk... kind of like a Valley Girl accent >_<


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