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Just heard the news that Google FriendConnect is shutting down March 1.  I've added Linky Followers (right hand side).  Thanks to those of you who have been posting about Linky Followers and gave me the idea!

I'm still learning the world of blogging, so I'm not sure how the transition works, but I'll try to stop by each of your blogs in the next week to invite you personally to join me via Linky.  Fortunately, since I'm still new to blogging, I only have 30 or so followers -- how are you guys dealing with this transition when you have more than that?  Is it common for these blogging tools to change so often?

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend so far -- now I'm heading back to reading Anna Dressed in Blood.  This books started with a BANG and I'm hoping it keeps up this pace!


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