The Faerie Ring - Kiki Hamilton

After the disappointment of Anna Dressed in Blood, I was ready for a book to blow me away.  I wasn't disappointed in this one.

I first read a review of this book at The Book Faery, where she gave it her highest honour: a One Sit Read (OSR).  I immediately made note of her two recommendations and put this book on hold at the library.  Since it was on order, it took several months to arrive, but it was worth the wait!

The main character, Tiki, is so endearing and likeable that you have no choice but to root for her during the entire book.  She lives on the streets of late 19th century London, picking pockets to survive.  She picks the wrong pocket one evening, stealing the faerie ring, and sets in motion a whirlwind of events that change her entire life.

The story is well written and perfectly paced.  It has an essence of Victorian literature (I'm thinking of Dickens, even though I haven't read much of his writing) but without the wordiness of that era.   For a debut novel, Hamilton has really set the standards very high for her forthcoming books (and I really, really, REALLY hope that she will keep writing!)  Although there were a couple of predicatable plot points, this was a very enjoyable read and one that I likely would have read in one sitting if real life hadn't got in the way (i.e. I have to stop reading and go back to work?  Why is lunch only ONE hour?)

Plus -- the cover is gorgeous AND the story is too.  It's a win win!


  1. Really love your review! Sounds like an awesome read :) ugh I wish I could read at work we get 30 min for break and sometimes its hard enough trying to stuff food in my mouth in that amount of time!


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