Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake

I added this book to my TBR list because, well, look at it.  The cover is GORGEOUS.  Plus, it has a solid four-star review on GoodReads.  But my final judgement?  It was all right.

The book starts off with a bang.  Cas is a kick-ass hero who slays ghosts, just like his father did.  After taking out a hitchhiker ghost, Cas receives an invitation to come to Thunder Bay, home to the infamous Anna Dressed in Blood, a ghost who still wears the bloodstrained dress that she died in.

Sounds good, right?  And it was.  But there were lots of parts in the book that dragged a little too much and I'd lose focus on the story.  Then, when something interesting happened, I'd get sucked back into the story.  When the action faded, my attention would start to drift again.  In short, the writing wasn't good enough to hold my attention all of the time, but it was good enough that I did finish the book.

Interesting sidenote: the printed text in this book is dark red.  Fitting, with the title and all, but interesting to note since I've never read a book with anything but black text.  Two points to the publisher for coming up with that idea!


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