Twisted - Sara Shepard

When I finished reading Wanted, I had one of those "OMG -- they did not just pull THAT plot point out of the rabbit hat" moments.  Seriously.  It was right up there with the cheezy daytime soap opera plot points (how many times can an evil twin come back from the grave?!?)

Yet, I still put this book on hold at the library, primarily because Shepard is a good storyteller, even though her plot points leave a little bit to be desired.  Although I didn't love this book, it was still an easy read for a lazy Sunday afternoon.  I may just keep reading the series too, in the same way that I will not be able to resist the next Gossip Girl book when it comes out too.  Everyone's gotta have a secret favourite series right?  The one that you might be just a little bit too embarrassed to read on the bus, where everyone can see what you're reading?  C'mon ... I know you have those too!


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