Top Ten Childhood Favourites

It's Tuesday, and time for another Top Ten as hosted by The Broke and the Bookish!

(Most of these will be series rather than individual books; I couldn't pick only ten individuals!)

1. Wizard of Oz Series - L. Frank Baum
I LOVED this series when I was younger, and read the entire series more than once.

2. Sweet Valley - Francine Pascal
Sweet Valley Twins, Sweet Valley High or Sweet Valley University -- it didn't matter which age the twins were, I devoured these books, sometimes more than one per day.  I felt like I was Elizabeth, but always wanted to be the fun one, like Jessica.

3. The Secret of the Unicorn Queen
There are six books in this series, each one written by a different author.  I've managed to track down books 1-3 so far (I think they're all out of print now) but I haven't yet reread them.  I remember how much I adored this series and I'm not sure that I'm quite ready to spoil the magic of that memory, in case they're not as spectacular as I remember.

4. Betsy Series - Carolyn Hawood
Betsy and I were like best friends despite the fact that she wasn't really real.  She was real enough to me and I escaped into those stories, rereading them again and again.  I'd borrow whichever one was on the shelf at the library, even if I'd already read it several times before.

5. The Last Slice of Rainbow - Joan Aiken
This book has almost a mythological significance for meI remember being absolutely enthralled by the stories and firmly believing in the fantastical worlds created in the stories.  I bought a copy on AbeBooks recently but, like the Secret of the Unicorn Queen, I'm not sure that I'm ready to spoil the memory just yet.

6. Xanth Series - Piers Anthony
It feels odd to consider this a "childhood favourite" since they're adult books, but Piers Anthony was one of my first forays into adult literature, even though I was only 13 or 14 at the time.  I loved the world of Xanth and I read all of his books, although this series was by far my favourite.

7. Nancy Drew - Carolyn Keene
Who didn't love Nancy Drew?

8. The Neverending Story - Michael Ende
I read this book for a book report in Grade 6 and absolutely adored it.  It is still, to this day, one of my all-time favourite books.  How I yearned for a book that I could literally escape into...

9. The Daring Game - Kit Pearson
I loved all of Kit Pearson's books, but something about The Daring Game, just stands out for me.  I think it was the boarding school theme; I've noticed in later years that I always feel a secret thrill reading books that take place in a boarding school.

10. The Sand Sifter - Julie Lawson
I feel like I saved the best for last.  Julie Lawson came to my elementary school when I was in Grade 2 and read from this book, her first chapter book I think, and then signed copies.  I remember my mom was helping out in the library that day, so she was able to buy me a copy and I had the author sign it.  Years later, when I was in university, I had the amazing opportunity to interview Julie Lawson, now an award-winning writer, and show her that signed copy, which I still have on my shelves today.  She is not only one of my heroes, but also an all-round amazing woman.

What a fun top ten!  What are your favourite books from childhood?  Leave a comment and I'll come visit your post!

Happy Reading Everyone!


  1. Sweet Valley - ooh memories! I adored these books too.


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