Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Ransom Riggs

What a book -- what a marvelous and utterly unique book.  I first heard about Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children on CuppaLit, an amazing blog run by an amazing lady, whom I have bonded with over YA literature and via Twitter of all places.  The book sounded so intriguing that I immediately put it on hold at the library and I had to patiently wait a few months for my turn.

There is obviously a reason why there's a line-up at the library: this book is unlike anything that I have ever read before.  The only book that I could possibly compare it to would be Neil Gaiman's Coraline.  And I can't even say that the books are all that similar.  The only reason that I can compare them is that both books gave me the same sensation: my skin prickling and, as the sun dipped below the horizon, I had to turn on all the lights in the house.  There is something wonderful about a book that literally makes your skin crawl and is so deliciously odd.

I almost don't want to say anything more about this book, lest I spoil it for anyone who happens to stumble across this review.  But let me say just this: the book starts off a little slow, in my opinion, but really picks up after page 100 or so.  I read the whole last 2/3 in one sitting.  My general rule is that a book has to impress me by page 50 or I move on, but I gave this book a little longer simply because of its unique blend of text and black and white photographs.  And I wasn't disappointed.


  1. Thanks for the super sweet shout-out, Melissa! Your kind words about CuppaLit are helping to slowly encourage me to move beyond my blogger's block. I must write soon.

    And, great review! "Deliciously odd" is the perfect way to describe this book. Glad you stuck with it beyond the first third to allow time for the magic of the story to reveal itself. Hope others will do the same. So worth it.

    Pictures are sooooo creepy, aren't they?!?

    Have a great week! Looking fwd to your next review! This one has me considering a reread of Peregrine.

  2. God, I've SO been wanting to read this!! Didn't get around to it yet, sadly. But it has this odd air about it, I mean to me that's irresistible, I'd love to live in the land of the quirky and the odd and the unusual (though I guess I sort of do, lol).
    I loved reading your review, it's about the book, not about the story, and I love that. That's what it's meant to be, I think, a teaser sort of thing, not a spoiler, and often times reviews turn out to be more spoilers then teasers *sigh* Yours I just loved!


  3. @CuppaLit -- you keep recommending books, I'll keep reading them! And, yes, the pictures are positively eerie. I can't believe that I didn't mention the pictures! But then again, this way I don't spoil them for anyone else.

    @Livia -- that's exactly what I love about reviews too. If I wanted to know what the book was about, I'd read the synopsis on GoodReads. "The quirky and the odd and the unusual" also perfectly describes this book -- I hope you love it as well!

  4. Hi Melissa thabks for adding me on Goodreads. You have a lovely little blog. This is a great review. I totally loved this book as well. So different and unexpected. My only complaint was the end. I want more! I loved the vintage photos. Did you read the author's note on them? I thought it was so cool! Anyway please feel free to visit with me anytime about books!


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