Destined - P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast

I'll be honest: I was going to give up on this series.  After being slightly disappointed by the last couple of books (I felt that the Kalona thing dragged on a little too long), I decided to give the series one last shot.  When my copy of Destined arrived at the library, I wasn't expecting much.  And sometimes, maybe that's the best way to approach a book.  If your expectations are low, then you can't really be disappointed, can you?  (Compared to listening to someone GUSH over a book, only to read and thing that it was good, but not GUSH-worthy good).

But I digress.  Destined impressed me.  The characters were not as annoying as I found them before (i.e. Zoey did not use "bullpoopie" as frequently in this book).  Maybe it's because this book is darker, more serious as it's dealing with death and more mature themes.  Destined is still representative of the rest of the House of Night series, but with the shiny coating taken off, to reveal a grittier underlying story.  Although two completely different series (seriously, you cannot compare these two at ALL), this almost reminds me of how the Harry Potter series grew up towards the end.  The first few books are more childish but, as the characters grow, they deal with more adult-like issues.  Perhaps now that Zoey is growing up, the books will grow up alongside her.  And, if that's the case, then I will definitely keep reading the House of Night series.


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