Christmas Holiday Reviews

Balck from my Christmas holidays to the not-so-snowy Alberta!  My husband laughed at me for packing so many books in our already-heavy suitcase, but I read them ALL while we were away, in addition to the one that I plowed through because a) I couldn't put it down once I started reading and b) it was even heavier than the other four combined and therefore needed to stay at home.  (I hope that makes sense -- I'm still a little sleep-deprived!)

Habibi - Craig Thompson

I took a course on Young Adult Services in the library during the summer of 2010 and a classmate recommended Blankets.  I love, love, LOVED Blankets and wished that my library had a copy of Goodbye Chunky Rice (which it still doesn't -- GRR!).  I read all 800+ pages of this book in ONE DAY -- once you open the pages of this book, it sucks you in and won't let go until you've savoured the last words and drawings.  Reading a graphic novel is an interesting experience, and one written by Thompson is a unique experience unto itself.  His drawings are so spectacular that you need to savour each one, yet the storyline is so captivating that you're racing from page to page, devouring it in large mouthfuls.  On quite a few occasions, I had to remind myself to slow down and look at the illustrations because I was gulping down the story.  I think that I will need to just buy copies of his books, as they are stories that one can return to in order to gain more appreciation for the story.

Rumors - Anna Godbersen

The second book in the Luxe series didn't amaze me, but it didn't leave me disappointed either.  The series continued from the cliffhanger ending from the previous book, and left the reader with another cliffhanger ending -- now I have to continue on and read Envy!

Second Helpings - Megan McCafferty

Ever since I read and loved Sloppy Firsts, I've been meaning to come back to this series; however, like so many other things in life, there were so many other good books to choose from!  When I read through the End of the Year Survey, over at The Perpetual Page Turner, I thoroughly enjoyed reading her responses and noticed that her reading highlights of the year were Jessica Darling-infused.  So, I decided that I'd dive back into the series and I wasn't disappointed!  The narrator's voice in this series is so refreshing and unique!  I laughed out loud multiple times (several of while on board a bus!  in public!).  I love books written in journal-style and I definitely enjoyed the way McCafferty creates a journal-style novel, with it being "Dear Diary, today I went to school..."  Highly recommended.

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian - Sherman Alexie

Wow.  Just wow.  I had read rave reviews of this book, but the title and the cover didn't really grab my interest.  Finally, I decided to succumb to the reviews and put the book on hold at the library.  From the opening pages of the book, I was hooked and finished reading it in less than 24 hours.  Such a heartfelt story and the illustrations in the book make it a uniquely told story.  There are moments in the story that really make the reader squirm, but I think that's the intention of the book.

Fantasy Lover - Sherrilyn Kenyon

One of my GoodReads friends had a whole pile of Kenyon's books on her favourites shelf, so I asked which book I should start with if I planned to read some of her books.  She recommended starting this series with Fantasy Lover.  I haven't read much romance before, and I am new to the paranormal romance genre, so I'm not sure how to compare this book this book to any others in a similar genre.  I don't think that romance novels are particularly well-written, but they are quick and easy reads -- perfect for the end of a Christmas holiday!  I will read the next book in the series and see if I like it as much as this one.

My wonderful husband wrapped both Clockwork Prince AND Divergent and placed them under the Christmas tree for me!  I have just started Divergent -- wow, wow, WOW!

Happy New Year's Eve to all of you and all the best in 2012!


  1. Welcome back! Wow you got a lot of reading done! Quite variation what fun! I had not heard of the Indian book will definitely research that one! Oh my gosh you are going to love Divergent and Clockwork Prince. I just posted my review on Divergent yesterday. Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

  2. Hello, I just started reading Luxe. I don't know if I'm supposed to find it hilarious, but I do. I saw your review of it through Goodreads when I looked it up :-) Hope you had a Happy New Year!

  3. @Heidi -- I sure did! It was the perfect, relaxing holiday! I did love Divergent (review coming -- I had to digest the book for a few days) and I'm looking forward to CP!

    @sarkslefay -- Luxe is definitely over the top, and amusing. I wasn't wowed by the second book in the series, but I'm still going to keep reading. The endings are such cliffhangers that you can't NOT keep reading!


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