Hello World!

In all honesty, I set this page up about a year and a half ago, shortly before my dad's accident actually.  As with most other projects, life got in the way but the idea for a blog kept simmering on the back burner.  And now, here I am, writing my very first blog post.

I love to read.  Without a doubt, reading is my favourite past time.  I also love to read about what others have thought of books, share recommendations and have conversations about books that I've read ... or even books that I've hated.  I read book blogs, reviews on GoodReads, and post my own comments whenever I can.  If the Internet is a vast cyberspace of virtual strangers engaging in dialogue through their PCs, laptops, Blackberries or iPads, why should I not join in the conversation?  My schooling is teaching me the value of using technology, so I've decided to take a broad leap into the world of the unknown.  Who knows if anyone will ever read these words, since there are thousands of new blogs born daily, but I'll write anyways.  Because a Writer Grrl writes and a Writer Grrl reads.

Starting NOW.  Logging off, no more homework for the day, and am officially curling up on the couch and jumping into the last half of Ender's Game.  Let the Battle Games begin!

Killing buggers with one hand, while holding my book in the other,


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