Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card

I read the first 80 pages of so of this book in one sitting, enjoying the parallels between the futuristic world and our own.  Then, my husband reminded me that the book was published in 1977, long before laptops, texting, instant messaging and interactive video games became mainstream.  Many of the everyday items in this book, like the dad reading the newspaper online, hadn't yet been dreamed of or created.  My respect for Orson Scott Card increased dramatically and I devoured the rest of the book, amazed at how many things he conceived of, which later became a reality as technology caught up to his imagination.

The storyline is great and centres around Ender Wiggin, a unique and very gifted little boy.  The story is set in the future, when humans are fighting against buggers, an insect-like alien species that threatens to wipe out mankind.  Ender is sent to Battle School, where he'll learn and train to be able to fight the buggers.  I won't say any more so that I don't spoil the story.

What transports this book from an ordinary story to a truly spectacular reading experience is that there is so much MORE to the story, lurking beneath the surface.  It's a story of love, politics, friendship, loss, bravery, and so much more.  Although I've finished reading the last few pages of the book, I will definitely be thinking about the story for a few days at least...


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